How do I register?
Who should attend?
When does registration end?
What is the cost to register?
What if I want to transfer my registration to a colleague?
How do I modify or cancel my registration?
Can I register after the event starts?
Does registration enable multiple attendees?
Is there a group discount?
Can one person register a group of people?
Do you Offer Refunds?

General Questions

How will my information be shared with other attendees?
How is SourceAmerica handling accessibility needs for the virtual conference?
Will the presentations be captioned?
What if I have additional needs before or during the conference?
What if I witness any strange or unacceptable behavior in the platform?
What if I can't attend all the sessions?

Virtual Attendee Hub Access

How do I access the platform?
How do I join a session?
Will sessions be recorded and how long will the presentations be available on demand?
What technology do I need to participate in the Virtual Conference?
Will you be offering technical support during the event?
If my connection freezes for a moment on the chat or the live broadcast, what should I do?
What if I can’t log in?
Can I ask a question through the Q&A box?
How can I interact with Exhibitors and Sponsors?

Training Incentive Program

Is my NPA eligible to receive reimbursement through the Training Incentive Program (TIP)?