Before submitting an award nomination, please review the following guidelines:


  • Achievement Awards are presented at SourceAmerica's National Training and Achievement Conference for accomplishments during the previous fiscal year.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be affiliated with SourceAmerica.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be in compliance with SourceAmerica guidelines and standards.
  • You may nominate in as many award categories as desired; however, you may submit only one nomination per award.
  • If you won an Achievement Award in the previous fiscal year in a specific category, you cannot submit a nomination for the same award in that category in the next fiscal year.
  • You must indicate whether the nomination is for an AbilityOne contract.
  • All sections of the nomination form must be completed.
  • Self-nominations for Performance Excellence Awards are permitted.
  • SourceAmerica Board and NCSE Executive Committee representatives and organizations are eligible for Achievement Awards, but are ineligible for any financial prize.

People First Language

SourceAmerica requires that “people first” language be used in nominations. “People first” language defines the person before the disability. For example, refer to “people with disabilities,” not to “the disabled” or “the handicapped.”

The SourceAmerica Awards Committee appreciates your attention to appropriate terminology and language when preparing nominations.

Business Partnership Awards

  • The Business Partnership Award is open to businesses of all sizes.
  • The Small Business Partnership Award is exclusive to small businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration. Please visit the Small Business Administration website for information on small business size standards.