IDEATE Nonprofits

What is my nonprofit’s role in IDEATE?

The SourceAmerica® IDEATE Engineering Competition thrives on the collaboration between student teams and people with disabilities working in the nonprofit community.

As a source of insight and perspective, your nonprofit can play an important role in the success of the competition in a number of ways:

  • Generating project ideas and inspiring creativity
  • Connecting student teams with people with disabilities in the community who will serve as subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Guiding the selection, testing, and implementation of a project

The stronger the connection between you and the competition team member, the more successful the project.

Want to get involved? Just reach out to the IDEATE team at

Why Should My Nonprofit Get Involved?

  • Build relationships within your local community
  • Help to create custom assistive technology for employees with disabilities
  • Prizes are available for NPA and SME associated for winning teams
  • Media coverage/brand exposure in nationwide competition