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Did you know?

Employee Research System captures demographics and payroll data from over 170 agencies, approximately 65% of the SourceAmerica workforce.

At least 1/3 of the SourceAmerica workforce has Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Almost 50% of the current SourceAmerica workforce started in the last 4 years

The AbilityOne Program is racially and ethnically diverse – Over 50% of our current workforce are minorities

ERS participating agencies can request to have their data benchmark against other national databases such as the US Census data.

Employee Research System

SourceAmerica has created the Employee Research System (ERS) to gather empirical data to analyze the workforce for people with disabilities. ERS focuses on baseline and outcome information for people with significant disabilities working in the AbilityOne Program.

The system uses a secure data warehouse to enable production of a wide range of analytical and statistical reports. The ERS supports aggregation of data across many dimensions, such as demographics, wages, lines of business, geography, and time.

ERS will track, at the individual worker level:

  • Demographic data, such as age, race, and disability
  • Employment data, such as training, wage rates and hours
  • Benefits and funding data
  • Veteran status
  • Employment status changes, such as placements, promotions, terminations, and reasons for change in status

These wide ranges of statistical and analytical reports which are based on empirical data validate the positive impact of the AbilityOne Program within a fiscal environment that demands higher operational transparency and data driven decision making.

ERS: Primary Disability Type
AbilityOne Employees from SourceAmerica Producing CRPs
FY 2014, Q3

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Quarter 3 FY2014 ERS dataset represents 26,300 eligible SourceAmerica® AbilityOne® employees.