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Workforce and Research Programs

The Workforce and Research Programs at SourceAmerica are focused on our beneficiaries, people with disabilities. Our organization conducts research, runs projects and develops programs to make significant progress toward the strategic goal of full and fair employment for individuals with disabilities, particularly those facing the most significant disability-related barriers to employment.

Learn more about these programs that support our mission and employment goals.

Pathways to Careers
The Pathways to Careers (Pathways) project is an employment model that provides individuals with the most significant disabilities opportunities for informed choice and upward mobility. The Pathways model utilizes an in-depth discovery process and experiential learning as a basis for informed choice among community-based, integrated employment options. Employment options are consistent with each individual’s interests, strengths, resources, concerns and abilities.

Quality Work Environment (QWE)
The Quality Work Environment is an AbilityOne Program-wide framework used to identify, share and execute employer best practices so employees with significant disabilities receive enhanced vocational opportunities, improved wages and increased upward mobility. It is a continuous improvement process that can be tailored to the needs of each nonprofit agency in the SourceAmerica network and its employees.

Employee Research System (ERS)
The Employee Research System (ERS) tracks the employment of people with significant disabilities over time. This nationwide database enables analysis of individual employee-level outcomes for AbilityOne employees receiving services from Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs). Information gleaned from ERS supports research and evaluation, advocacy, policy development, business development and fundraising, benchmarking, continuous improvement and Quality Work Environments (QWE) for people with significant disabilities.

FACT: 26% of all Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom - OIF) and Afghanistan veterans (Operation Enduring Freedom - OEF) or both reported having a service-connected disability. This represents over 620,000 veterans.

SourceAmerica funds research and programs to support our country’s veterans with disabilities. Employment for our returning veterans is very important to SourceAmerica and making employees successful is a top priority.

Design Challenge
SourceAmerica fosters the creation of assistive technology and provides an avenue to increase, maintain, or improve capabilities and productivity of individuals with disabilities in the workforce. SourceAmerica sponsors the AbilityOne Design Challenge, a national competition for high school and college students to develop assistive technologies that empower people with disabilities to break through barriers to employment. SourceAmerica also has on staff rehabilitation engineers and financial grants specific to the assistive technology needs.