Login and Password FAQs

What is required to reset my password?

Authorized users are able to reset their own passwords, even when they are locked or when they have expired. The key pieces of information required are your SourceAmerica-issued username and the email address associated with your username. When your password is reset, you will receive an email containing your SourceAmerica-generated password.


What should I do if I don't know what email address is associated with my username?

If you have a customer portal contact email address, try that email address. If it doesn't work, contact your Regional Point-of-Contact


How do I access the SourceAmerica Extranet from the SourceAmerica website?

Click on the "login" link at the top right of the page. You will be directed to a login screen.


My SourceAmerica account is locked – what do I do?

If you entered your password incorrectly 5 or more times, your account is locked. To unlock, click the "login" link at the top right of the page; then click the "reset password" link. You will then be prompted for your username and email address. The email address must be the one associated with your Extranet account.


My account is locked and my email has recently changed. What do I do?

When your email changes, we cannot automatically send you a notice that your account has been unlocked. Contact your Regional Point of Contact to get the email address associated with your account changed. The Region will contact the Help Desk to reset your account.


How long are passwords valid for before needing to be changed?

SourceAmerica security policy requires that passwords be changed every 90 days.


Do I use the same ID and password for access to the SourceAmerica Academy and the SourceAmerica Extranet?

No. The SourceAmerica Academy requires a different userid and password. Please utilize the Help at www.sourceamerica.org/academyExternal link new window alert for additional assistance with the SourceAmerica Academy.


Who can have an ID for the SourceAmerica Extranet?

SourceAmerica nonprofit agencies receive an ID when they are accepted into the SourceAmerica network. Additional IDs can be requested by contacting your Regional Point of Contact.


How can I request a SourceAmerica Extranet ID or make changes to an existing extranet account?

Contact your Regional Point of Contact to request an additional ID or to request access changes to an existing ID. You may use the Extranet User ID Request Form if you already have an account. The form is available in the support area of the Extranet.


What browsers are supported for the SourceAmerica Extranet and the SourceAmerica Customer Portal?

Internet Explorer 8 and newer and Mozilla Firefox are recommended for Customer Portal access.


I have access to the SourceAmerica Customer Portal but I need additional modules. Who do I contact?

Contact your Regional Point of Contact  to request access to additional Customer Portal modules. You may use the Extranet User ID Request Form. The form is available in the support area of the Extranet


Can I share my SourceAmerica Account with others at my Agency?

Yes, however it is strongly discouraged. Your agency is not restricted to the number of accounts it can have. Furthermore, accounts and tools provided to account owners are based upon the needs of the user. Sharing account information can be problematic when passwords are changed and not communicated with the "shared" users. Additionally separate log-ins allow the system to identify when users make changes, particularly in the Customer Portal.


Why do I need to change my password?

Several reasons apply:

  1. Changing your password on a regular basis reduces the likelihood that your SourceAmerica password is used for multiple accounts.
  2. Passwords can be guessed over time.
  3. Passwords can be attacked with brute force. Periodic changes reduce the effectiveness of this type of attack.
  4. If someone has captured your password, then changing it takes care of that issue.


What is the SourceAmerica Customer Portal?

The SourceAmerica Customer Portal is an easy-to-use web-based tool provided to nonprofit agencies that are members of the SourceAmerica network. The Portal is used to maintain organizational information, update regulatory requirements, find nonprofit agencies to collaborate with, find business opportunities and more.



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