This section provides self-help and contact information for SourceAmerica assistance. The information has been organized into "topics" to help you find the information that you are looking for.


Logins and Passwords

SourceAmerica's Extranet is available for members of the SourceAmerica network. If you are a member, find information about how to:
  • Get an Extranet ID (if you are eligible)
  • Unlock your Extranet ID
  • Who to contact for assistance


SourceAmerica Training is available for members of the SourceAmerica nonprofit network. Information avout access to the SourceAmerica Academy training portal can be found at

SourceAmerica Websites

SourceAmerica publishes several websites for different purposes. Check out the websites in this topic.


Joining the SourceAmerica Network

Internally, SourceAmerica calls the process to join the SourceAmerica network "affiliation". You will see references to this term in the online form used to join as well as when you are approved to join the network.


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