Clothing, Textiles and Individual Equipment

We are dedicated to delivering over 200 different apparel and individual equipment products in the U.S. and around the world. Our thorough knowledge of civilian and military requirements, coupled with the latest commercial industry practices, keeps our customers clothed, equipped and protected.

Through our national network of contractors, SourceAmerica seeks to be your business partner for manufacturing and logistical solutions. Our products are made in the U.S.A. and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the highest levels of quality inspection systems, including ISO 9001 certified and/or equivalent quality systems.

Our clothing, textile and individual equipment items include:

Woman in pink shirt using a sewing machine

  • Military and Civilian Uniform Programs
  • Army Combat Shirt (ACS)
  • JSLIST - Chemical Protective Suit
  • Army Combat Uniforms (ACU)
  • Civilian Uniform Programs
  • Air Force Battledress Uniform (ABU)
  • Navy Working Uniform (NWU)
  • Dress clothing
  • Fire retardant items
  • Extreme cold weather items
  • Duffle bags and component pouches
  • Pockets and pouches for ammunition
  • National interment flags
  • Insect net protection
  • Caps and hats
  • Military recruit bag items

Custom Manufacturing, Development and Fulfillment

The clothing and textile manufacturers possess diverse custom construction capabilities, including set up for your small or limited run productions, design changes and your long term production runs.

Capabilities to meet custom product requirements including:

  • Prototyping and development
  • Product design and adjusting
  • Initial fielding to full sustainment
  • Complex garment construction
  • Special measurement sizing (non-tariff sizes)
  • Pattern development and digitization
  • Automated cutting systems
  • Small to limited run production cycles
  • Alternate manufacturing solutions

Military and Civilian Uniform Programs

SourceAmerica in collaboration with the AbilityOne® Program offers the convenience of being your business partner to establish worry-free logistics to uniformed employees nationwide. The AbilityOne network of nonprofit agencies forms a strategic partnership which ensures that our customers always maintain a professional, high quality product and service. AbilityOne maintains the integrity of the uniform program’s unique look, the form, the proper fit and proportion to satisfy the needs of the individual customer.

Our Uniform Programs include:

  • Internal clothing design "cradle to grave" capabilities
  • Internal pattern making and CAD/CAM expertise
  • Experience in redesigning uniform items
  • On-line ordering employee allowances system
  • Tracking employee's allowances
  • Garment shipment tracking
  • Special cuts/measurements garment for non-tariff sizes
  • Convenient return policy
  • Measuring charts to determine the proper size, fit and proportion

Provides crucial customer reports for:

  • Backorder
  • Returns
  • Distribution
  • Allowances
  • Demand
  • Other reports as needed

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