Aircraft, Vehicular and Electrical Equipment and Supplies

Customers have relied on SourceAmerica and its nonprofit partners for aircraft, vehicular and electrical parts and supplies to maintain equipment around the world. From complex hydraulic/mechanical assemblies to simple spare parts, we have the experience and responsiveness to keep our nation supplied and equipped.

The vehicular, aircraft and general industrial components we supply include:

Aircraft, Vehicular and Electrical Equipment and Supplies
  • Diesel engine glow plugs
  • Gaskets and O-Rings
  • Vehicular seats and safety belts
  • Clamp loops
  • Strap assemblies
  • Cargo and webbing straps
  • M16 30-round magazines
  • Safety lighting kits
  • Light markers
  • Non-rechargeable batteries
  • Injection molding products
  • Metal and plastic parts

Our quality control and best practices ensure the highest quality products for our customers and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and inspection systems, including ISO 9001 certified and/or equivalent quality systems.

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