People We Serve

SourceAmerica aims to serve and ensure employment for people with disabilities by connecting nonprofit agencies that train and employ people with disabilities to Federal and commercial contractors. Additionally, SourceAmerica is committed to providing linkages between Federal contractors and nonprofit agencies that provide employment and training opportunities for United States Veterans.

People with Significant Disabilities Many organizations and programs are aimed at providing employment and services for People with Significant Disabilities

/images/people-we-serve/people-with-significant-disabilities-tbn.jpgNumerous Services for Veterans are available regarding benefits, transition, and employment services


Institute for Economic Empowerment

The SourceAmerica vision is employment for every person with a disability. In keeping with this vision, The Institute for Economic Empowerment is a department within SourceAmerica that works to make significant progress toward full and fair employment for individuals with significant disabilities, particularly those facing the most significant disability-related barriers to employment.

Full and fair employment is defined as expanded employment opportunities. These opportunities include: increased opportunities for promotion and career advancement, expanded options for work in a wide variety of settings (e.g., supported, competitive, and self-employment) and, where appropriate, higher wages and/or improved benefits. Additionally, this entails increased worker self-determination and greater worker economic self-sufficiency and net worth.

The Institute has a number of research, development, and demonstration projects and national initiatives aimed at helping individuals with significant disabilities achieve full and fair employment. As illustrated below, these programs are aligned with meeting three strategic objectives:

  • Increase Employer Demand
  • Increase Worker Availability and Productivity
  • Improve and Expand Employment Support

For more Information on projects and programs that aid in the development and advancement of opportunities for people with significant disabilities visit the Institute for Economic Empowermentwarning external link new window website.