AbilityOne Procurement Champions

An AbilityOne Procurement Champion is a Federal government employee, a "center of influence," mainly in acquisition, who fully believes in the mission of the AbilityOne® Program and is doing everything in his or her sphere of responsibility to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

He or she may be dutifully going about his or her everyday activities by acquiring or managing supplies and services for the Federal government; however in reality that person may be an AbilityOne Champion and he or she deserves our recognition and support.

If you work with a Federal government employee that you feel deserves recognition for his/her efforts, please contact Rachel Crowell at customerservice@sourceamerica.org.

AbilityOne Procurement Champions - 2012

Picture of Ellen Klotz
Ellen Klotz
June 2012
Professor, Contract Management
Defense Acquisition University
Mid-Atlantic Region, California, Maryland.

Picture of Ruthann Haider
Ruthann Haider
May 2012
Director, Contracting Division
Northwestern Division, USACE
Walla Walla, Washington

Picture of Colonel Scott Svabek
Colonel Scott Svabek
May 2012
Commander and Principle Assistant
Responsible for Contracting
U.S. Army Medical Command, San Antonio, Texas

Picture of Lisa Schneider
Lisa Schneider
March 2012
Professor of Contract Management
Defense Acquisition University
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Picture of Linda Gilmer
Linda Gilmer
January 2012
Program Manager
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service, Pennsylvania

Picture of John Childs
John Childs
January 2012
Building Manager
General Services Administration (GSA)
New Orleans, Louisiana