Nonprofit Resources

SourceAmerica provides documents and links to information and tools to support your success as a valued partner in the SourceAmerica network.

AbilityOne Procurement Guidebook Adobe PDF
This guidebook serves as a desk reference for contracting and requirements personnel, program managers and others in the acquisition community.

Employee Research System
The Employee Research System (ERS) is a national employment database operated by the SourceAmerica Institute, which tracks employment of people with significant disabilities over time. ERS tracks, at the individual worker level, data that provides a clearer picture of the employees served through the AbilityOne program. Data gathered through ERS aids SourceAmerica in finding new job opportunities for people with disabilities..

National Disability Awareness Month
Held each October, National Disability Awareness Month celebrates the contributions of people with disabilities in the workforce.

Nonprofit LocatorExternal link new window alert
The NPA Locator can be used to search for any nonprofit agency that is either producing under the AbilityOne Program or a member of the SourceAmerica Network.

Prime Contractor Program
Learn about the SourceAmerica Prime Contractor Program and how nonprofits can get involved.

The Quality Work Environment (QWE) initiative empowers people who are blind or have other significant disabilities to achieve their maximum employment potential. This is achieved through the implementation of new practices and enhancement of existing practices to improve the quality of the work environment.

Regional Offices and Regional Operations Functional Business Units
This resource identifies 9 business units that provide support to our SourceAmerica network nonprofit agencies

SourceAmerica Government Affairs
The SourceAmerica Government Affairs team continually monitors, analyzes and influences policies and legislation.

Speakers Bureau
The SourceAmerica Speakers Bureau is a great resource to help find a presenter for an upcoming meeting, conference or special event.

Veteran Employment Research
See research compiled by The Institute for Economic Empowerment outlining the capabilities and interests for civilian employment directly from Gulf War II veterans with the service-connected disabilities of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
FACT: 26% of all Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom - OIF) and Afghanistan veterans (Operation Enduring Freedom - OEF) or both reported having a service-connected disability. This represents over 620,000 veterans.