2017 Design Challenge Finalists

Learn more about the 2017 Design Challenge Finals Event here.

High School Finalists:

Concord High School (Wilmington, Delaware)
Partner organization: Waggies by Maggie & Friends (Wilmington, Delaware)
Project: The Weigh Master is an interactive, user-friendly device that helps employees with disabilities weigh products correctly during the assembly process.

Copley High School – Team #1616 (Copley, Ohio)
Partner organization: Weaver SecurShred (Akron, Ohio)
Project: The TRIPS device increases the efficiency and production of employees with disabilities who shred paper rolls. Shredding one roll of paper dropped from 5 minutes to 12 seconds; total production increased by 750 percent.

Copley High School – Team #1617 (Copley, Ohio)
Partner organization: Weaver Industries ProPak (Akron, Ohio)
Project: The Salt and Pepper Grinder Cap Assembling Device broadened the number of employees with disabilities who can assemble grinder caps from 25 percent to 100 percent. The device automates the process while also making it more ergonomic.

Olathe East High School (Olathe, Kansas)
Partner organization: Shawnee Mission Northwest
Project: The B.O.S. (Best Overall Solution) is a portable wheelchair desk and cart designed for a Shawnee Mission Northwest teacher with multiple sclerosis. travel independently, without help, while storing heavy books and materials.

Wethersfield High School (Wethersfield, Connecticut)
Partner organization: CW Resources (New Britain, Connecticut)
Project: Flag 2.0 is a motorized device that helps employees with disabilities properly label envelopes. A laser light built into the device determines label positioning; a user-controlled button advances the roll to the next label.

College Finalists:

California State University Los Angeles
Organization served: FVO Solutions (Pasadena, California)
Project: The Lean Master reformats the fabrication process of a two-hole puncher so it adheres to the 5S model (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain). The Lean Master reduces production time by 50 percent and eliminates physical discomfort for employees with disabilities.

Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, Michigan)
Organization served: Services to Enhance Potential (Livonia, Michigan)
Project: The Spray Bottle Assembly Device features a hand press that reduces the physical discomfort of assembling spray bottles for employees with disabilities. For employees with dexterity issues, the new device enables them to complete the process with a single hand, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and comfort.

Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)
Organization served: SW Resources (Parkersburg, West Virginia)
Project: Say Yes to the Press is a simple, user-friendly hand press for employees with disabilities who assemble adapters used in soda fountain machines. Whereas the previous assembly process was too challenging for most employees, all can use the new device without experiencing repeat hand stress.

High School Honorable Mention:

Poolesville High School (Poolesville, Maryland)
Partner organization: Scott Key Center (Frederick, Maryland)
Project: The Gasket Gadget is a device for employees with a disability who experience dexterity challenges while assembling gaskets. Because of increased comfort and agility, employees' accuracy rates jumped from 25 percent to 87 percent.