Prime Contractors

What is the Prime Contractor Program?

SourceAmerica's Prime Contractor Program was established to create employment opportunities for people with significant disabilities through business relationships with Federal prime contractors. An endorsement by the DoD in 2008 urging all of its contracting officials to make a personal commitment to consider AbilityOne®-participating nonprofit agencies in the fulfillment of procurement needs was the catalyst for SourceAmerica’s Prime Contractor Program.

The Prime Contractor Program Office serves as SourceAmerica's central point of coordination for the Prime Contractor Program. The Prime Contractor Program Office develops job opportunities through partnering relationships with Federal prime contractors. Prime contractors are awarded billions of dollars in Federal contracts annually.By establishing a network of prime contractors with which to create connections to nonprofit agencies, mutually beneficial partnerships can result in long term job growth.

Strategic Relationship: Boeing

Boeing SkylineSince 1952, Boeing has been working with AbilityOne nonprofit the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind in the Community Manufacturing Partnership.

Strategic Relationship: Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman HangerNorthrop Grumman and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) signed a Mentor Protégé Agreement with MVLE, a SourceAmerica producing nonprofit agency in Springfield, VA, in August 2010.

The Prime Contractor Program Office is currently engaged in the project development of several awarded Federal contracts with AbilityOne subcontract requirements. The Program Office is also working collaboratively with SourceAmerica regional staff and Federal Customers to create additional opportunities for AbilityOne subcontracting requirements.

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